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Our Maker Party!

An event by the Mozilla Zimbabwe Community
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MakerParty Bulawayo: August 27 2014

The Web we know and love is not scary. The Web is a magical collaborative space where the possibilities for invention are endless; where problems are solved, and really human-experiences and kindness are magnified to inspire millions.

The Web can also be a dangerous place for people who share things online. This event will help participants learn basic privacy practices through hands on sessions and digital remix. Participants will be introduced to learning resources designed to help people think about their own privacy and be able to describe why privacy is important.

Using a free and open source tool called Mozilla Lightbeam, you will be visually shown how cookies and third-party trackers are monitoring you as you perform your own everyday tasks on the web. Lightbeam paints a personalized picture of each participant's own data trail, and what can be done to help manage and protect it.

Party agenda

10am: Introductions

Introductions and setup. Facilitators meet with participants and set up the required tools.

11am: The Web, How does it work?

A quick overview of what the web is, how it works and what issues you're likely to face on the web.

1pm: How to be safe online

Learn about who is watching you online and how to keep your self safe.

Party gallery

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